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Over the years, Los Angeles-based producer and Symbols Recordings boss, Kastle, has made his personal evolution part of his brand. Each new release has taken on new challenges or opened new doors to the project’s capacity, in turn allowing Kastle much more freedom than usual with his musical offerings. From R&B to Jungle, Kastle’s comprehensive aesthetic can carry it all without spilling over sloppily or feeling out of place, and his forthcoming EP, Polytopia, scheduled for release this fall aims to be one of his most abstract releases yet both in sound and concept.

Ahead of Polytopia‘s release on Symbols on September 18th, we spoke with Kastle about the EP as well as the title track, which he’s been kind enough to let us premiere today. Listen below and read on for the Q&A.

All of the past EP releases on the Kastle catalog have seemed to stand by some overarching concept or theme. What would you say is the message or motif behind your new EP?

I like to channel different inspirations for every new EP, for me it’s a way to keep things fresh and evolving. I’m not sure if I want to dive too deep into explaining the entire concept of the EP, because I want it to remain a bit abstract and allow listeners to sort of feel their own story. But it is most certainly a personal reaction to a lot of current affairs, social issues, technological advancements, information overload and my own predictions of the future of not only humanity but all sentient life and overall consciousness.

What is your definition of Polytopia and what does it mean to you?

It’s a hope for a more transcultural diversity with no racism, classism and a society not so restricted by outdated paradigms and various dogmas (religious or not). I cannot take credit for the original term and idea, it was an idea that I came across on a think-tank website called Space Collective. I read a lot of these entries and found that it mirrored a lot of the same thoughts I have had about our future. You know, we are indeed “one” and connected with the entire universe which is becoming more evident and intuitively knowable in our current period of hyper-connectedness via the internet. But the problem us humans have always run into is when someone either tries to control or claim that “one” through dogma or oppressive belief systems that are not open to change and evolution. We need to recognize ourselves as all different branches on the same tree. I hope to live to see an age where change is not so much feared.

Where is that vocal from in “Polytopia”? Is it playing backwards?

I think you might be onto something…

Would you say your new EP is reactionary to the current state of electronic music? It seems like it’s playing by no one’s rules but your own.

It was certainly important to define my own rules on this EP. It was a bit cathartic for me to go through an evolution from my previous work, and the same type of evolution has been happening with Symbols as well. And speaking of belief systems, I had to break free a lot of my own personal belief systems for this EP to happen. It’s opened all kinds of new ideas and opportunities for me. There is a surface level of electronic music that all kind of sounds the same and, to me, makes sense when it seems to be driven by a kind of escapist mentality. However, there are incredible under-the-radar sounds that I feel are embracing reality and the often unpleasant truths which is very healthy when done creatively. There are so many issues that our society needs to confront and I think its time we got our hands dirty.


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