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Fixate, one of Exit Records‘ brightest shining drum n bass stars, has had a meteoric rise in the dnb community over the past few years. After two solo EPs, collabs with legends like Chimpo, and a whole mess of mixes and mixtapes, he has never once sacrificed his musical integrity for the sake of complacency and familiarity. His sound has developed over the years into an experimental mix of dnb, jungle, dubstep, and grime. Fixate’s latest work, a six-track offering, sees him exploring even more facets of his ever-expanding innovative sound.

What Goes Around is a mini LP project featuring six tracks, four of which are solo Fixate and two others featuring Dismantle and Skeptical. Going through the record, it’s clear to see the London producer settling into his own voice and sound as a musician. Dark and twisted yet oh, so clean, each of the six tracks stand confidently on their own ground but operate together with a fluid cohesiveness that ties them all together.

I’m really excited to share new music from my forthcoming ‘What Goes Around’ Mini LP on Exit. It aims reflect my influences from various genres and use them within a 160-70 template whilst keeping people moving on the dancefloor.

It was great to work with two of my favourite producers, Dismantle and Skeptical to create two tunes that seem to be really well received so far.

The project formed together nicely and fits visually with the artwork, very pleased with the outcome and I hope people enjoy it.

Our premiere today, “Rumours,” is perhaps the most true to his infamous amalgamation of clean snare-washed drum n bass and globally recognized and adored sounds of UK dubstep and grime. While the rest of the record offers elements and sounds we have yet to associate with standard dnb, “Rumours” is the linchpin to allow the obscurities to thrive.

What Goes Around drops on 15 December on Exit Records. Give “Rumours” a rinse and check out the full tracklist below. Pre-order here.

What Goes Around Tracklist:
1. Fixate – What Goes Around
2. Fixate- Tweeked
3. Fixate- Rumours
4. Fixate & Dismantle- Firewater
5. Fixate & Skeptical- The Rig Monkey
6. Fixate- Murderers Dance Too