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Deep, lo-fi basslines and rudimental sound design mark the latest EP from LA sound engineer and electronic producer and DJ, Escor Krist. New Void City, out today through Boysnoize Records, gives us a five track journey through West Coast crafted techno, proving the massive late-night-centric genre isn’t bound by territory restrictions.

New Void City kicks off with the dusty perc and buzzing basslines of “U Down”, a stripped back body mover which calls back to to the earliest definition of electro (the pop and locking on cardboard kind). “Kovert” continues the release’s themes of grunge-y warehouse tech with guttural synth bass which syncopates and warps over a bounce-y, almost breakbeat rhythm. Then a similar gritty lead carries us into “CNTRL”, where Krist imagines a wide open space filled with clanging metallics which shift between quick frequent chops and longer, spacious notes. The release’s “New Void Order” title track is a definite standout within the collection, immediately drawing the listener in with hypnotic tribal drums that gradually build and layer with each new bar while flirting with rave-y stabs and a memorable vocal hook, “…Techno, let’s go!”. The EP then closes with a punk-y finale titled “Bust It”, which is fit with mind melting distortion that hits extra hard with each new soft-to-loud filter transition.

Boysnoize Records has proven itself the king of techno, and it’s always interesting to see how each member on the roster is able to add their own spin to the timeless sound. In the case of Escor Krist’s New Void City EP, the LA based artist finds pulls from a variety of different rhythmic options to come up with something that’s fresh, fun and most importantly completely danceable.

Stream the Nest HQ premiere of Escor Krist‘s New Void City EP below, out now on Beatport through Boysnoize Records.