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The Japan based TREKKIE TRAX label continues to expand its awesome talent roster with a new single from Lexington’s Ellie Herring. Pretty much everything from this imprint has been unique and full of character, from the emergence of the wild card trap producer, Masayoshi Iimori, to the futuristic techno-meets-jazz stylings of co-founder Carpainter, to a recent Snappy Jit-featured banger from DUCKY, and now Herring’s rave-meets-house bounce, “Judge”. This new one marks one of Ellie’s most dancefloor friendly singles to date, with its booming basslines, giant synth stabs and playful vocal chops feeling perfectly at home on TREKKIE. Biggups to both sides involved.

Check Ellie’s words on the new single below and grab the free download.

I’ve been resting for too long and it’s great to feel active again. I’ve been working on a new record that was a bit less club friendly than this but I have 2 sides: the emotional side and the club side and I’m v happy to open up both over the next few months – Ellie Herring

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