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Today, we’re premiering the glittering new single from DUCKY titled “Turning Back,” a punchy yet delicate future bass heater which features her own vocals vocoded in a distinctly emo sheen. DUCKY’s production prowess has become so refined the past few years, she’s able to successfully play in genre pockets the average SoundCloud producer dare not touch for fear of veering into hopeless cliché. But when DUCKY steps up to the plate, by now we know she’s not swinging for a base hit.

There’s a raw emotion to “Turning Back,” which DUCKY is able to channel with what sounds like a distant, intergalactic symphony of hard-hitting synths that periodically recede and make room for her dainty yet earnest vocals. She sounds fragile and invincible at the same time — actually, so does the track as a whole. Listen to “Turning Back” below and let’s hope this isn’t the last single we’re going to be hearing from DUCKY before the end of the year — she’s confirmed she’ll have a new EP coming in early 2019.