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Tokyo’s TREKKIE TRAX follow the release of imprint co-founder Carpainter‘s Noble Arts album with a new set of remixes. First off, we have another track recent TREKKIE releaser and Fremont, California based artist, foxsky. His take on Carpainter’s “Noble Arts” gives us some final boss-style hype with its galactic synth builds and apocalyptic dives. After blasting us with mechanical trap rhythms, the track does a somersault into industrial jersey bounce.

Check Foxsky’s words on the premiere below and keep up with TREKKIE TRAX on SoundCloud for more.

The first time I heard Carpainter’s music I was blown away by how truly “future” and unique it was. When “Noble Arts” came out, it was on repeat for me for days on end and I was super inspired to experiment more with my own musical energy. I knew I had to flip it for my friends at TREKKIE TRAX, so here’s my really loud club ready distorted version of that beautiful track! – Foxsky

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