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I remember this one being a standout from the TREKKIE TRAX NEST mix: Carpainter‘s “From Your Eyes”. Its jazzy, catchy, and bouncy framework had me immediately hooked. I’m always down for faster garage sounds, and this one blends bits of oldschool warehouse with a modern sugar-coated flare. The vocal sample cut ups are ace, the chord progressions and driving rhythms instantly get you moving — this one is special, and Carpainter is forever one to watch.

Check Carpainter’s words on “From Your Eyes” below as well as the full album stream of Carpainter’s Noble Arts release.

This is the first time putting my new style influenced by Juke, Ghetto Tech, Hard Techno-ish 150 BPM songs in my EP. I hope you will like new Carpainter :) – Carpainter

Juke、Ghetto Tech、Hard TechnoをもとにしたBPM150スタイルの初めてのEPだから、是非きいてみてください。- Carpainter

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