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For the second installment of Miami-based boutique record label and fashion house Bribery Corporation’s compilation series, we see the newly established entity recruit a myriad of eclectic talent- from Crystal Castles‘ drummer Christopher Chatrand to Mux Mool of Ghostly International. The compilation simply titled “_002” not only features a collection of tracks from label artists and affiliates, but also extra assets including a graphic zine and fashion lookbook. Today at NEST HQ, we’re excited to debut one particular cut from the compilation that caught our ear from UK based artist ALEX featuring Tonebox and Rachel McAlpine titled “Akuma II.”

Emitting a sound similar to that of classic Deadmau5 or the downtempo electronica of Bob Moses, “Akuma II” is a nearly ten-minute odyssey. The haunting vocals of McAlpine provide a clear tone for the track that builds and breaksdown at the command of her voice. Don’t be put off by the single’s lengthy time-stamp either, rest assured the complexity and fluidity of “Akuma II” will leave you wishing the track was another ten-minutes long. Be sure to explore the remainder of Bribery Corporations “_002” Compilation below, and pick up a free download of “Akuma II” via SoundCloud.

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