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“One of the best remixes I’ve ever gotten in my life,” Porter Robinson tersely yet profoundly states in the track description on Soundcloud for Mat Zo‘s remix of “Flicker” — the first of twelve remixes slated for theĀ Worlds Remixed LP forthcoming this October 2nd on Astralwerks.

In his new take, Mat Zo underscores his predictable unpredictability, leading the re-envisioned “Flicker” down a familiar filtered, Daft Punk-esque introduction top-lined by Porter’s text-to-speech robot before slamming into a wall of blinding synths. But this is only the first part of the journey, and of course Mat Zo flips us upside down with a double time sequence marked by DnB percussion and angelic melodies. Slowly the sharp percussion fades away, and we’re left floating through a bank of pixelated clouds — ready to relax for the remainder of the track. True to form, the Zo snatches back all of the built-up repose and shakes the earth with a snarling roar before bringing all of the remix’s elements together in one big, cohesive finish.

Mat Zo is a genius, and this remix is irrefutable proof. Listen in below and stay tuned for more remixes forthcoming fromĀ Worlds Remixed.

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