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The first time I heard VOLAC’s remix of “Pop Ya Cork” by Stanton Warriors, I was in a Hollywood hotel with the Phlegmatic Dogs, who were preparing for their set at Sound later that night when it arrived by email — a special delivery to test out. The next time I heard it, they were deploying it on the dancefloor to stupendous results: they set that place alight that night with this track.

Since then, I’ve seen it do work a number of times and places, each to a different type of crowd, and I’ve found that VOLAC has made a universally enjoyable marmalade with this tune. It captures the wacky flair that makes the Punks Music label so great, wrapped in a package that can take a typical bass house set and shift it into a weird new direction. It’s been acts like VOLAC who have been pioneering the evolution of Russia’s dance music scene — just look at their NEST HQ MiniMix, one of the most successful in 2018 so far.

Stanton Warriors – “Pop Ya Cork” (VOLAC Remix) is out now on Punks Music.