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The second Filet Mignon mixtape installment from French collective Point Point is loaded with fresh, forward-thinking tunes from their musical countrymen as well as other international producers, fusing a multitude of eclectic sounds and elegant production styles into a 21-song package. With a variety of genre-bending compositions, every song on the mixtape is top-notch and, as a whole, paints an expansive sonic masterpiece.

Standouts include Tielsie‘s “Mary Jane”, a slice of sugary-sweet footwork; Phazz‘s complex and menacing “Insomnia”; “Seasoned,” a track filled with hazy synths by Felix; the industrial darkness of Madame‘s “Gloriosa”;  and of course, Alesia‘s thrashing techno track, “H.T.”

Upon the release of Filet Mignon Volume II, Point Point states: “We are proud to announce the second edition of the mixtape Filet Mignon. Throughout this mixtape, let us present to you the artistic generation of tomorrow, cruising through a multitude of different style, you will be taken in the universe of those young artist/Producers that have collaborated on this project, that we cherish.”

Take a listen to Filet Mignon Volume II, available now for free download.

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