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This collaboration between PhaseOne and YOOKiE is not for the faint of heart.

As some of the top sound designers in the game, PhaseOne and YOOKiE are unleashing some serious heat as of late. YOOKiE have been firing off with original tracks, collabs, and edits that have graced our SoundCloud feed like never before. PhaseOne, on the other hand, has been cooking up a collection of tracks for his next EP on Disciple — that’s where “State Of Emergency” comes into play.

Fresh off PhaseOne’s forthcoming¬†Double Up EP, it’s difficult to find the words to describe “State Of Emergency” from a technical standpoint. Imagine standing right in the midst of an incredibly violent riot or an onset of a catastrophic natural disaster — this drop induces that same sense of fear, even if just a bit. The sound design is incredibly precise, firing off with razor-sharp hits that cut dangerously deep. Best of all, this track perfectly expresses the signature sounds crafted by PhaseOne and YOOKiE respectively. It’s a powerful dancefloor weapon that’s been dropped as an ID for months by some of dubstep’s biggest players — seriously, thank these two acts for releasing this highly sought-after dubplate for all to own.

Listen to “State Of Emergency” below.