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PhaseOne is ready for a big year. After beginning 2017 with an exclusive signing to the Disciple Recordings family (home to  Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, Dubloadz, and more), the Australian producer offered up his self-described “best work to date” in Origins, which showed off PhaseOne’s strengths in metal-infused dubstep and adept sound design through four original productions.

Now, on the back of the well-received EP release, PhaseOne is taking to the road for the next three months, notching five dates in Europe in March before kicking off his 18+ date US tour in the first week of April. Ahead of the trip, we caught up with him about signing to Disciple and an impending move to LA, the parallels between dubstep and metal, and plans for the rest of the year.

Read on for the interview and listen in to PhaseOne’s NEST HQ MiniMix below.


Thanks for taking some time with us brotha great to reconnect. To start out, you mentioned a couple months ago that there was an “impending” move to LA in your future. What’s the update on that?

No worries! So I recently just finished up at my “day job” to start doing music full time. So basically I am touring for the next 4 months, but once that’s done the relocation to Los Angeles is in my eyes the next step in my career, being immersed in the industry and surrounded by all the Disciple Family!

You’ve known the Disciple guys for a few years now. What’s changed now that you’re an official member of the family?

My relationship with Disciple has Always been strong, so that hasn’t changed too much, if not stronger now. I think it was an inevitable career move, the label works so well as a team and the results show. End of the day music speaks for itself but I’m proud to be part of the fam and I think my sound fits really well on the label!

How has the reception been for the Origins EP thus far? Do you feel that this EP was a major step forward in your career?

I personally feel it’s my best work to date, it’s the kind of sound I’ve been trying to hone in on since I first began electronic production, and I think the public agrees. There was nothing but love and positive comments on the EP and all sorts of big names are playing the tunes out, its seriously overwhelming! I feel it’s definitely planted my feet in the industry and has been a major step forward in my career, I’m being booked worldwide and almost don’t have a free weekend until August!

You’ll be doing a solid tour run here in the US and Canada starting in April. What do you love most about coming out for shows in America?

I’m so excited! I’m actually on a plane to Europe right now for 5 shows, then heading straight from there to the US for all of April & May! For me American shows are insane, there are so many markets to play, really keeps it interesting. The whole PLUR thing is very unique to America, so that’s always a nice change and to see people put so much effort into going and seeing their favourite artists. But most of all, it’s catching up with friends and other artists that live in the US, feels like a reunion every time!

Obviously you have some metal influences as proven in the EP’s title track “Origins.” What bands were the inspiration for your love of this sound?

I’m super snobby when it comes to metal, it has to be tasteful and super musical for me to enjoy it, So I tend to be inspired by more progressive modern bands like ‘Between The Buried And Me’, ‘The Contortionist’, ‘Northlane’ & ‘In Hearts Wake’ for example.

A lot of people have always commented dubstep is like the electronic metal and that they fit well together.. as much as I agree I think it can sound really cheesy if not done properly, so I think I’ve managed to fuze the two worlds to a happy medium, at least I hope haha.

Do you think dubstep has inserted itself as a replacement for metal and hardcore? Should there be more crossover between the two worlds?

Replacement definitely not, there are still avid “metalheads” that think electronic music isn’t REAL music, and vice versa. But I think myself among many other artists are slowly making a difference, for example I’ve had metal fans say things to me like “I’ve never really liked electronic music, but then I heard your songs”, to me that gives me hope. I feel it’s not untouched territory, but an unmastered territory. So my plan is to keep on doing me and to do some big collaborations with more metal bands!

Finally, other than the tour this spring, what are your plans for 2017?

Besides the tour, I’m going to be writing as much as possible, as hard as I find it to write on the road, I’ve got to finish another EP, AND it has to top the last one, so I’m stressing a bit haha, but I’ll make it happen! Then later in the year will be the relocation as well as some big bookings in the US ;)

01. PhaseOne – Origins
> Zomboy x 12th Planet – Dead Presidents ft. Jay Fresh
02. Barely Alive – CA$H
03. Zomboy – Like A Bitch (Kill The Noise Remix)
> PhaseOne – Area 51 ft. F3tch
04. PhaseOne – Kung Fu ft. Virtual Riot
> Figure – The Exorcist (Oolacile Remix)
05. Dodge & Fuski – 1-800-RIDDIM
06. Ivory – Retro
> Chibs – Sharingan
07. Mastadon – Danger
08. Zomboy – Get With The Program (Eptic & Trampa Remix)
09. PhaseOne – Welcome To Mayhem ft. In Hearts Wake
10. Dack Janiels – Killer Whale
> ID – ID
11. Slander & YOOKiE – After All (PhaseOne EDIT)
12. Boy Kid Cloud – Not Around
> Boy Kid Cloud – Gang ft. Skeez & Stacks
13. Barely Alive – Elastic Nightmare
14. Herobust – Dirty Work (Monxx Remix)
> Duffeey – Gizmo
15. Getorix – Black Raptor
> Aweminus – Under The Bed
16. SKisM x Trampa – Black Hole (Dabow & Creepa Remix)
17. Protohype x Bleep Bloop – Holdin’ Heat
18. Dodge & Fuski – Comeback
19. Getter – Rip n Dip (Kill The Noise Remix)
> Just A Gent – Heavy As A Heartbreak
20. Yookie – Subs
21. Modestep – Living For The Weekend
22. EH!DE x Spag Heddy – Selecta
23. Virtual Riot – Dragons
> Ponicz – Riddim Of The Future
24. ID x ID – ID
25. LUMBERJVCK – Monkey Puzzle
> Al Ross x Yakz – Love Dump
26. Megalodon x PhaseOne – No Chill
27. Dubloadz – Cuck Life
28. RL Grime – Core
> Dr. Ozi – Youth In Asia
29. Far Too Loud x Yookie – Shockwave
30. Eptic – Flesh Eaters
31. PhaseOne – Rot (Northlane)
32. Spag Heddy x F3tch – Spooks VIP


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