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The evolution of PhaseOne over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. We got him in for our Interview + MiniMix series over two years ago just after he signed with Disciple Records, and his trajectory has only pointed upwards since then. Today, we’re excited to premiere the latest single off PhaseOne’s forthcoming debut record, Transcendency, that features a band we’ve loved for years: Periphery.

“Digital” presents itself as your typical rock tune as it opens with vocalist Spencer Sotelo’s voice and a heavy instrumental. We’re sucked into Periphery’s signature sound until we reach the two-minute mark, where PhaseOne steals the show and plunges us into a bass-driven midtempo frenzy. This track’s climax is most unexpected — I can’t stop listening to this track over and over again.

Along with the release of “Digital,” PhaseOne spoke to us about the making of this record. Check out our interview with him and listen to the track below. Transcendency is due out on April 17th via Disciple — pre-save here.

Hey Graeme! Congratulations on your debut full-length record. How did you decide to pull the trigger on making this happen and how long did it take?

Thank you! It was a collective decision between myself, my manager and the Disciple team to do the Transcendency album. Basically we wanted to show what I am truly capable of in my productions and also pay respects to my roots as a musician. We figured the best way to achieve this was to do a full-length album which would give me the opportunity to branch out and experiment beyond the typical four-track dubstep EP. I was nervous at first because I knew this would require a huge amount of time; it took me almost a year, and was worried people would forget about me (lol), if I wasn’t constantly putting music out! However, I’m so glad I did the album, and I’m stoked with what I’ve created and it’s already turning so many heads. Hopefully it was worth the wait!

Can you talk about some of the collaborators on this record? It’s nuts that you got to work with artists like Bone Thugs N Harmony and Periphery.

Even I’m still blown away with the features that we got for the album! We sent the rough demos to all the bands/artists and they loved the concept of bridging the different genres into the EDM world and were excited to be a part of the project. My manager and I sat down about a year ago when it was decided that I was going to write an album and wrote down a list of about 50 big names that I’d want to work with and we aimed high because we knew this album had to make a huge impact.

I really feel this album covers all bases, but also is super cohesive at the same time, even with the large variety in features and genres. From heavy vocal features like Thy Art Is Murder to the sweet vocals from Koven, it’s a complete body of work. From the very beginning, one thing that was really important to me was to create an album that could be listened to from start-to-finish, as well as individual singles, and there are even track-to-track transitions between some of the songs if you listen to the album as a whole.

What’s the meaning behind the artwork?

The album title is Transcendency. The definition of being transcendent is going beyond/surpassing ordinary limits which is like a metaphor for what I was trying to achieve with this album. The goal was to exceed everyone’s (and my own) expectations. The moth on the cover is symbolic of this. Moths evolve and go through metamorphosis, different stages of life. In a nutshell, this album is super personal; all the songs, the art, and meaning reflect me growing as a human and also as a musical artist.

I know it’s hard to choose, but which track off the album are you most excited to share with the world?

If someone were to ask what PhaseOne sounds like, I’d probably show them “Crash & Burn.” I think that track as a whole best describes what I’m about in one song. It has a nice melodic intro, a big metal build mixed with wobbly bass sounds, a huge dubstep drop, a metal breakdown, and a melodic yet heavy chorus section. Northlane also happen to be one of my favourite bands, so it was a real honour to be able to work with them on this.

I also want to mention “Digital” with Periphery, another song I’m excited about, for the same reasons but also because it’s a different style/tempo to the normal PhaseOne sound, so for me, it’s super exciting to experiment with something and have it turn out so well.

Do you have any plans to perform a live show based off the album in the future?

I can not confirm or deny this.

Finally, what would PhaseOne five years ago think of you now?

I think if you said to me five years ago I’d be doing this as a full-time job in the future, I wouldn’t have believed you, haha, He’d be super proud, though, because it’s always been about music for me, one form or another.