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Young French musician Petit Biscuit has teamed up with producer (and vocalist) extraordinaire Lido for a brand new video for their joint song “Problems.” The video, shot in Paris and directed by Tony Datis, follows Petit Biscuit’s debut album Presence, which dropped back in November to¬†critical acclaim.

As the camera opens, we see two butterflies flying together toward the light of a vending machine. The camera pans to two kids walking side by side as Lido sings forlornly looking out of a bus window. Singing of what it means to love and, in turn, what love is to both Lido and Petit. The video is a perfect visual representation of what that means in the real world: two friends spending time together, laughing and just being in each other’s company. Between the butterflies, cats, kids, and the young adults that make an appearance half-way through, we start to understand the forever varying nuances of that funny thing we tend to call ‘love.’

On the release and video, Petit Biscuit and Lido offered some words:

“Me and Lido met in Paris in July 2017. At that time I didn’t know him a singer but I loved his production. He made me listen to some toplines and I immediately felt like his voice could fit perfectly with a track I made a few months before, drawing inspiration from my first US tour: something between house, pop, and funk. There’s a mysterious and sensual atmosphere, kind of like a seduction game.” – Petit Biscuit

“We shot it in the middle of the night at a high school in Paris. I flew into Paris just for a few hours to do the shoot. Always fun hanging out with Petit and I think the whole team did a good job.” – Lido

Give the video a careful watch above.