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Ahead of her upcoming appearance on the long-running DJ-Kicks mix series, South-Korean producer and DJ Peggy Gou released her DJ-Kicks EP on Friday to get us pumped for her upcoming mix, dropping June 28th. This three-track EP includes the very first track she ever made, “Hungboo,” which she made before she had any synths or keyboards, just using samples ripped from YouTube. You can see her discussing it below in her Boiler Room lecture from last year, which is packed full of inspiring insight.

The other two tracks are intricate electronica: “Cassette Jam 1993” opens with one of the weirdest and uniquely sci-fi-feminine samples I’ve ever heard in a dance track. We’ve reached out to Peggy to find out where this epic sample about using fertilized human eggs to colonize other planets comes from, and as predicted its origins are as mysterious as the sample itself. “I have no idea where the dialogue comes from as it was sampled from one of my mom’s tapes. She used to record English shows from the radio, or it was an English educational tape.”

There it is, folks, listen to the DJ-Kicks EP and get pumped for Peggy’s mix coming at the end month.