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Photo: djscribbles

It’s not too often that I receive an absolute gem of a tune in my inbox from a producer on the rise, so when it does happen, I make sure to shout it from the rooftops. I discovered the sounds of Past Palms on an ordinary afternoon at work, and his latest tune, “II. Kentia,” immediately transported my soul into another dimension. Marked by lush, angelic chords and top-tier production quality, “II. Kentia” represents Past Palms’ intricate attention to detail from start to finish. It’s the first single off his forthcoming EP due out later this month, and it’s described by Past Palms himself as music to water your plants to. In my opinion, you can engage in any leisurely activity with this playing in the background.

“I started Past Palms as a way of expressing how it feels to live in New York City, constantly disconnected from nature,” he said. “As a way to re-connect, I have filled my home with over 50 tropical houseplants, and I wanted to create music that encapsulates that juxtaposition — that feeling of watching the morning sun shine on a beautiful indoor palm tree while a horn blares outside from a massive truck rumbling by.

“I chose the moniker Past Palms because I feel as though I could have been a palm tree in a past life, due to how much I crave hot, sunny, tropical weather, and how much I wither during the winter,” he continued. “Each track on the Past Palms EP is inspired by nature. ‘II. Kentia’ is named after my favorite plant of all, the Kentia Palm. ‘II. Kentia’ starts off warm and relaxing, but it builds to a chaotic climax with harsh distortion and intense clipping. It’s my sonic interpretation of what it feels like when you’re watering this paradisiacal palm tree, but then you look out the window and see grey desolate buildings and factories with no sign of nature anywhere.”

Dive into the sounds of Past Palms for yourself below, and make sure to keep up with him here.