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Trap music has been traveling the globe over the past couple of years, making a name for itself as the ultimate do-all party music for nearly any situation. From festivals to house parties, expensive studios to bedroom setups, radio to mixtapes—the alternative sounds of America’s South have successfully bled into our daily lives. The latest and most impressive tune we’ve found comes courtesy of one of LA’s most promising homegrown label, Main Course.

“Chief” by Party Thieves and ATLiens adopts many of the elements we’ve been familiarized with. Festival trap synths, subtle West African percussion, and the sidewinding FX you get when trying to start a car that’s already on. They add, however, some fast-paced repetitive vocals that can prompt a crooked smile from any thrill seeker. The first half of the tune is a surefire bet for any debaucherous audience or lowkey house party, but beware of that second drop; it’s got some serious weight behind it.

Grab the free download of “Chief” and check out Party Favor, ATLiens, and Main Course on SoundCloud for more.

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