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The sonic sun is up and things are coming in hot this fine Friday. Paper Diamond has finally returned to deliver a long-awaited treat for us this morning titled Holograms. Released on Fool’s Gold Records, this album has been in the making since his previous Rain Drops EP from 2015. Paper Diamond, also known as Alex, is a producer who you could say falls under the bass genre, but has found a path unpaved by many within his highly polished electronic soundscape. 

Leading up to Holograms, Paper Diamond teased fans with “Work 9000,” “Downfalls” featuring Polina, “Bass Real Big” featuring Ms. Williams, and a guest mix for Complex, each giving us a little bit of that exotic percussion we’ve been craving. Alex’s ability to mix foreign-like synth melodies into both drums and vocal bits is intoxicating. For example, in “Bass Real Big” he doesn’t hesitate to dynamically break this down into a club-styled anthem. Complex also defined him as someone who’s “riding the wave of electronic music that bridged the gap between the clubs and your at-home turn-up, and after what feels like a period of self-discovery.”

Paper Diamond’s strong return with Holograms has already received a massive hype, as well as respect for his perfectly handcrafted (non-rushed) sound design on the album, which is as stunning as it is impressively and fully himself. Alex is also the mastermind behind all of the artwork and visualizers for Holograms! Listen to it in full below.