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French producer and creative, PANTEROS666, has revealed a new single this morning along with information about the project’s forthcoming EP, meteociel, and a recently upstarted record label and digital art collective, PMG.

The single, “DAP” featuring co-production from Romanian duo Arme, was initially teased to fans not long ago in P666’s Boiler Room set in NYC. He explains, “Some vigilant listeners spotted its potential during the NYC Boiler Room, I have received numerous Insta messages describing it as the « Tokyo » song. A phonetic interpretation of the vocal hook. The name is not however « Tokyo », it’s called « DAP ». ‘DAP’ is part of the 6 track meteociel EP out mid June on PMG.”

As for PMG — an acronym for Panteros Media Galaxy — fans can expect more of the futuristic, internet-residing artwork that PANTEROS666 has brought to Bromance Records over the years through both his solo project and Club Cheval. And if “DAP” is any indication, musically PMG should act as an exciting new home for PANTEROS666’s edgy, neon-hued hits, following in line with signature belters like “Baby F-16” and “Clear” featuring Woodkid.

Stream PANTEROS666’s “DAP” featuring Arme in full below, and follow PMG on Soundcloud for more info on the meteociel EP out this month.