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Two weeks ago, Panteros666 (former Bromance Records artist and 1/4 of French band Club Cheval) shared his latest ‘micro hit’ titled “DAP” along with the major announcement of PMG — a recently upstarted collective founded by the Parisian producer.

PMG, also known as Panteros Media Galaxy, is set to have a two-pronged approach. Firstly, it will operate as a record label for releases from Panteros666 and a host of his fellow boundary-pushing peers such as Joseph Marinetti and DJ Darklord. Secondly, the new organization will act as a home, or “creative ecosystem” as Panteros666 defines it, for a range of artists from multiple mediums, from graphic designers and digital artists to Virtual Reality explorers.

Today, the inaugural release on PMG has been provided by the collective’s founder, as Panteros666 shares a half dozen new originals spanning house, trance, and techno as the meteociel EP. Along with the EP drop, he’s also shared a killer 360° music video for the EP’s lead single, “DAP ft. ARME,” which carries on the same alluring melodies and club-readiness of signature Panteros666 records like “Baby F-16” and “Clear.”

With so much going on this summer for this adventurous creative, we hit up Panteros666 and asked him about the origins of PMG, inspirations for meteociel, and what we can expect from this intriguing new project in the near future.

Read our interview, listen to the full EP, and watch the VR video for “DAP” below!


Thanks for taking some time with us Victor! To start out, could you talk about the launch of your new label and collective, PMG? What was the inspiration for starting this project?

PMG is a creative eco-system for DJs, producers, digital artists and graphic designers. It functions as a music label slash digital art collective. I’ve set it up here in Paris with Ines Alpha and my team from former (R.I.P) Bromance records. I’d say a big inspiration lately has been the cyberpunk ethos for sure. We love focusing on things like social change, technological advances or near-future earth anticipation, so that kinda brings us close to the originators like Asimov or Bruce Sterling. Even though early cyberpunk movement resulted in movies, books and the image of the marginalized loner, we are far more « social » working on club music, meeting new people, setting up exhibitions, parties and web based visual projects. Maybe we can call it cyberclub lol. But it would mean you can get away with anything by adding ‘club’ to it. Oh wait a minute, my band is called Club cheval…so yeah it works just fine.

You also have a new single and EP coming out today, the first official release on PMG. How has your sound evolved for this release? Were there any overall themes or ideas you explored on meteociel?

I have finally included more elements of classic epic trance and speed techno in my music ! Some tracks are party ready, others are more complicated to get into or simply categorize. I love clubs as much as I love research so both are present in the ‘meteociel’ EP. As long as I find the right melodic hook, guaranteeing the jubilatory effect of the track, I feel totally free to make it work – or serve it best in a way- at whatever BPM or whatever style, be it from 1992 or 2040 regardless of the current DJ production trend or BPM. While keeping tracks DJ friendly of course, I believe it is important to keep pushing musical freedom rather than stockpiling ephemeral derivative DJ tracks.

Are there plans to sign other artists to PMG? If so, what kind of artists, both musicians and otherwise, will you be looking for?

Of course ! DJ Darklord from Holland will be dropping a nu Jump / Happy Hardcore EP, Fashion Italia is a new producer from Paris that makes a mix of Final Fantasy OST and deep healing 4K house with expert granular synthesis plug ins only, Joseph Marinetti from Lucky Me is preparing an EP too. I’m working with Doomcore producers to make some warehouse indus techno like Venice Calypso and crews from Paris. I’d like to work on Japanese future speed garage, I’ve been obsessed with the hashtag #FSG ever since I saw it on Soundcloud fantasizing the Wipeout-esque bridge between London and Tokyo, I’ve been in touch with Oshirijima who made a crazy edit of Baby F-16 that I’m still too shy to DJ in Europe ! I’m reaching out to U.S producers too so as you can imagine, the list goes on till ∞.

You’ve made a killer VR music video for “DAP” which comes out today along with the EP. What is the concept behind this? Is VR a major interest for you and PMG right now?

VR or 360° video is great because unlike the traditional video format, it expands the potential of 3D rendered material. When you export a 3D video, the virtual world you created is fixed. It’s over ! This is cruel ! With the VR format, the 3D world you create can be explored by the viewer in a different way each time with a mouse, a headset or smartphone. Like a mini video game. This why we worked on VR worlds – called metaverses – rather than classic 3D video for the videoclips. And since we’re talking about club tracks we called theses VR videos « Metaclubs ». Look again, I’ve just added « club » to another word and it worked !

Are there any other projects or releases forthcoming on PMG following the release of meteociel that you could speak on?

We’re finishing the PMG website, which will be a Google Drive based website containing a lot of music and 3D resources. We’ll upload some stems, Ableton sessions and plug in tricks, .obj files of 3D objects or maps we designed. Once all this is set up with the music and 360° metaclubs coming, we’ll set about on taking all this to a live performance format. And next week I’ll be cracking open some new demos with the Cc: boys.


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