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Ralph Lauren and Palace have finally revealed their full collaboration in a video lookbook yesterday and today offered an even closer look with stills available in the gallery below. Shot by David Sims in a time-warping Wild West setting, Palace explained in a statement what this collaboration meant to the company: “Palace Ralph Lauren is a timeless collection that represents a love letter from a young London skateboard company to their favorite brand in the universe.” You can feel that love in the details emphasized in this collection and in the way this lookbook is shot and styled — it’s instantly and effortlessly iconic. It also feels like such a British fantasy about the American cowboy from the late 1800s to the late 1900s.

Watch the above video and cruise some of the stunning stills released from the lookbook in the gallery below. The collection will be on sale in Europe and North America on November 9th via Palace’s webstore and in Korea and Japan November 10th.