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Reddit managed to turn over some gold today. Redditor and London’s “Professional Sound Digger” Oskar Koch made a video outlining the top 10 samples used in drum & bass tunes throughout history. It’s pretty crazy to see everything from Smokey Robinson to the wildly popular The Winstons (original source of the Amen Break) used in a genre that can do little wrong. Watch above and find the dnb tunes linked below.

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1. Dave Owen’s “Still Waterssampled Lonnie Liston Smith – “A Garden of Peace”

2. Alaska & Paradox’s “Mauja” sampled Vangelis – “Abraham’s Theme”

3. Unknown Error’s “The Yearning” sampled Tan Dun – “Yearning of the Sword”

4. Jonny L’s “I’m Leavin” sampled The Winstons – “Amen, Brother”

5. Mutt’s “Advance Moneysampled Lee Fields – “Honey Dove”

6. Dave Owen’s “On Point” sampled Joe Sample – “Voices I The Rain” (1981) + EPMD – “The Joint”

7. Pennygiles’ “Life Goes” sampled Janita – “That’s How Life Goes”

8. Grafix’s “Deep Inside” sampled The Miracles & Smokey Robinson – “The Tracks of My Tears” (1976)

9. Submorphics’ “Pacific Heights” sampled Naughty By Nature – “Clap Yo Hands”

10. Netsky’s “Everyday” sampled Marvin Gaye & Tammi Tarrell – “Your Precious Love” (1965)