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Comedy Central’s new series from Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaughn, The New Negroes, debuts this week and has been billed as a “socially aware stand-up and music series,” with each episode reportedly ending with a new musical collab with Mike. The first of these series collaborations comes in the form of the scathing, hilarious “Unfiltered” with Danny Brown, who also stars as the “real Mike” when he reveals his true, angry self to his co-workers. Danny Brown’s maniacal voice and equally matched facial expressions are pure poetry in this video, pushing both the song itself and us viewers to reveal our inner madness.

Thus far, Lizzo, Method Man, and MF DOOM are also confirmed collaborators, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. In the meantime, enjoy experiencing life “Unfiltered” for a moment through the eyes of Mike and Danny — side effects may vary, but it just might inspire you to let your true self loose today.