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Butch Serianni, the 22-year-old, Philly-born producer who goes by OddKidOut, is about to make a big arrival in 2018. He’s been a musician his whole life, drumming since the age of six, and earned his first fans on Instagram through finger-drumming videos with a rhythmic dexterity reminiscent of AraabMuzik. He funded his debut release, the autobiographical WITHIN EP, on Kickstarter in 2016, finding a knack for songs that are crafted with a Dilla-like flow and vigor while gaining attention from producers like Skrillex in the process.

Now, he’s gearing up to release his first record on OWSLA, the Solstice EP, which incorporates samples from across the label’s discography. In preparation for its drop, we’ve asked Butch to do a MiniMix showcasing what he can do along with some questions about his upcoming year.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming Solstice EP and the video you’re doing for it.

The Solstice EP has been my favorite project to date. It was really fun to make because I was able to take small pieces of the OWSLA discography and recreate them into something completely new. The project, in my eyes, is a direct combination of electronic and hip hop. Each track is a little different than the next, but they all fall together in the same world. There’s four tracks that each correspond to different times of the day, and tell a unique story. We created videos for each track that help promote both of those ideas.

What’s it been like living in California versus Philly?

Living in California has been such a crazy experience. I’ve bounced around different cities months at a time, but Philly has always been home base for me. Picking up and leaving to live with Skrillex was quite the change aha. Being surrounded by such experienced producers every day made me such a better musician and the style of the music here opened up a whole new side of my music that I didn’t even knew existed. I feel really grateful to have had such an amazing experience at 22 years old.

You’ve worked with a lot of big people in the past — who’ve been your favorite artists to collaborate with?

Honestly, my favorite people to collaborate with are my friends back home in Philly. I came up learning and maneuvering with them…it’s like an unspoken bond that I have with my crew back home where we can just pick up instruments and make gold without even saying a word.

Of your prior releases, which are you most proud of?

I love all of my releases but Full Circle was definitely the most stand out. I made that record with two of my really close friends, one being based in the UK, and most of the project was recorded with live instruments. It pushed me to get away from the computer and back behind the drum set, which was super refreshing.

What’s your live set like?

My live set is always evolving and changing. I usually revolve around finger drumming on the Maschine where I play out my songs live. But I’ve recently been DJing on CDJ’s and incorporating a live drum set in as well. Down the line, I want to have a full band on stage with me to perform my songs. But for now, I’m a one-man show.

What are you excited for in 2018?

Man, so so much. I’m excited for 2018 because it’s the year I get to release this project with you guys… I can’t wait to share it with the world. But I’m hype for some future songs I plan to release, I’m hype to play more shows and travel the world doing that. The greatest thing about this industry is that things seem to happen when you least expect them… you’re always on your toes. I’m just always looking for new experiences.

In My Bed – Amy Winehouse
Wouldn’t Get Far – The Game ft. Kanye West x Give It To Ya – Pete Rock
Flashing Lights – Kanye West x Upper Egypt – The Roots
Story and Her – Black Milk x Humid – Soft Glas
Wanna Be Heard – Kendrick Lamar x It’s a Love Thing – Pete Rock
Space Beach – Wesley Curtis x No Scrubs – TLC
Smile – G-Unit
Ache O Caminho – Abjo x Sorry Not Sorry – Bryson Tiller x Keep It G – A$AP Rocky
Tonight – The Whispers x Let The Drums Speak – The Fatback Band
And the Beat Goes On – The Whispers x Beibs in the Trap – Travis Scott
Angels – OddKidOut x Come Down – Anderson .Paak
Araruta – Abjo x Put Cha Back In It – DJ Sliink x Chicken Soup – Skrillex
Do The Astral Plane – Flying Lotus
Snare (feat. Wild Eyed Boy) – Cosmo’s Midnight
Papas Fritas – Nick Hakim
Really Got It – Jerreau
Pay For What – Mr. Carmack
Come Around – Collie Buddz x Webbie Flow Instrumental – Isaiah Rashad
Coleman’s Groove – Flying Lotus
See Me Feel Me – Sepalcure