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Years ago, Noisia teamed up with Prolix for the track “Asteroids” off their 2014 Purpose EP, a rollicking, abrasive tune marked by sound design that carves itself deep inside the beat. As a special treat, Noisia revisited this track for a contemporary remix four years later.

The guys keep that rough synth sound at the beginning of the drop, but completely redesign the flow of the beat in a brilliant neurofunk fashion. Furthermore, there’s bits and pieces of future-focused sounds, like the juicy, stretched-out synth hits in the second phrase of the drop. In the track’s description, Noisia wrote, “When we were doing the Outer Edges shows we came up with the idea to update ‘Asteroids’ for the set, and Nik ended up kind of reconstructing the song with new synths. The response on it was rather positive so, we decided we had to put it out!” In all, it’s a killer remix that does a fine job of showcasing the evolution of Noisia’s sound in the past few years. Bravo!

Listen to Noisia’s remix of “Asteroids” below.