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The masters of bass music have returned with a brand new single. Noisia have kept a busy schedule this past year through touring across the world, hosting their own radio show, and curating their labels like DIVISION and VISION. They recently teamed up with fellow producer Former to craft a gorgeously creepy new song titled “Cleansing.”

Upon first listen, this single takes the listener by surprise: eerie vocal samples, dark chord progressions, and rumbling bass generate a thrilling soundscape for “Cleansing.” We’re loving the direction Noisia has been heading for the last year or so; they’ve made so many jaw-dropping follow-up tracks to their last studio album Outer Edges in 2016. Can we talk about the single’s artwork, too? It’s brilliantly chilling, depicting a man with eyes rolling back in his head through what looks like a red pen — it’s so fitting for this track.

Listen to “Cleansing” below.