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Earlier this year, Bleep Bloop announced the launch of his new record label with the help of his friends, Eat The Bomb. Since its inception, we’ve received a slew of tunes from Bleep Bloop himself, but the label’s latest release is the first single from a new artist, and it’s a worthy signing for sure: enter Noer the Boy.

The label describes “Ripitonthespot” as a lurky banger that’s suitable for dark clubs, and we couldn’t agree more. This track is dangerously minimal with such high shock value that I’m dying to hear this tune rip on the dancefloor just to see the crowd reaction. Noer the Boy proves you can’t go wrong with rippling basses and the art of empty space — whew, what a tune. Here’s what he had to say about the track:

“Ripitonthespot is about embracing spontaneity. Most of the beat came together in one sitting and the vocals were recorded into my laptop’s microphone. No frills. I think we used the second take. Shoutout the homie Jacob for delivering sick bars that immediately gave the song its direction and swagger! This was one of the first dubstep tracks I finished after getting really into the genre. A big catalyst was seeing Goth-Trad tear down the Liquor Store in Portland. Consider this a precursor for some things to come.”

Noer the Boy’s future is looking bright, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store. Listen to “Ripitonthespot” below and buy it here.