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NLV Records boss, Nina Las Vegas, has shared her first single of the year this afternoon in “Deserts.”

The new song was inspired by Nina’s parents’ migration from Egypt to Australia decades ago, and the realness of this inspiration shines through in Nina’s own impassioned vocals. “Deserts” sees Nina imparting her strongest, most meaningful songwriting we’ve seen thus far, reaching above the ‘club’ water level line and standing firmly and confidently within the pop realm. That’s not to say Nina’s fun production style is absent, however, as twice between the more heartfelt majority of the record come the wild & wonky leads and fast-paced rhythms present in previous hits like “Contagious” or “EZY.”

We’re in for a treat if we get to hear more stuff like this from NLV this year. Stream “Deserts” in full below.