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Eight years ago, David Dewaele and Stephen Dewaele of 2ManyDJs/Soulwax linked up in the studio with now-NEST alumn, Riton, and fashion innovator, Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell, in the name of what the group collectively describes as “space rock”. The four creatives put together a number of productions, yet only one record, the 18-minute live epic known as “Live in Eivissa“, has been pressed in the past six years. Now, however, the foursome have announced plans to release the anticipated collection of collaborations under the appropriate title of 2007 — the birth year of the project and music.

2007 is set to feature five originals and will be released on the Dawaele brothers’ newly upstarted imprint, Deewee, on the 30th of October. Find the full tracklist below courtesy of Resident Advisor and preview the entire release over on Juno.

DIE VERBOTEN – 2007 [Deewee]
1. Dafalganger
2. White Island
3. E40
4. Nacht Winkel
5. Aquarius