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The latest downtempo jam to grace the face of Youngbloods Records arrives from New York ambient trio Sontag Shogun. The record, Patterns For Resonant Space, arrives on black vinyl with a lenticular cover that changes picture at different angles. The music itself relies on many analogue elements, including piano compositions and field recordings. They also bring a multi-faceted live show which includes a ‘scent artist’ who incorporates oils and candles synchronized live with the music on stage.

Today, we’re premiering the fourth track “no.19 (Patient Elegy for Bernr’d Hoffmann).” We recommend listening to it in an isolated setting free from distraction and wayward noise. The initial sound bites of sharp crunches and scurrying evoke a full-body tingling sensation, much like those 3D sound clips you can listen to with headphones on. The sounds grow and numerously evolve before the piano gently enters the space. The field recording, keys, and vocal elements work together for to comfort and relax the mind and body.

The group offered some words on the Patterns and “Patient Elegy.”

Patterns started not with us sitting down to compose music, but with us reflecting on the way we heard sounds in a room. We recorded enormous piles of sonic textures played through amps, channeled direct into a mixing desk, and via room mics set up around David Bryant’s (GY!BE) Montreal studio, and listened back to the auditory shadows that our improvisations had cast. Despite Sontag Shogun having performed living sound collages of tape, field recordings, voice, piano and other instrumentation, for years, this process gave us a chance to listen to the deep musicality of our sounds for the first time.

“Patient Elegy” is a manifesto for slowing life down and listening in. It starts with a simple collage of sand and rice falling onto some different surfaces, sounds that for anyone, may trigger memories of visiting the beach as a child, emptying our sandy shoes onto the hot pavement before getting back into the car, or of running our hands through the jar of rice grains in the kitchen. It’s manipulated with randomized delay patterns and joined by a tape loop of backwards, heavily reverb’d piano, the memory of the rest of that one afternoon long ago is starting to fill back in, full chroma. It’s a little bit sad, because we know how the story ends… But, do we?

Once the album arrives on July 22nd, the band will embark on a summer tour including dates in Portugal, New York, Barcelona, and Madrid. You can pre-order the record on vinyl and digital download. Stream it on Spotify, as well.

7.22.17 – Official Album Release Party, Queens, NY @ The Knockdown Center, with Lea Bertucci, Ari Finkel (fka Dali Vision) and Causings
8.12.17 Catskill, NY @ HiLo Catskill, with Julia Kent
9.2.17 Terres de L’Ebre, ES @ Eufonic Festival
9.3.17 Barcelona, ES @ TBA
9.5.17 Madrid, ES @ CRUCE Arte y Pensamiento Contemporáneo
9.8.17 Lisboa, PT @ TBA
9.9.17 Viseu, PT @ Venha a Nós a Boa Morte
9.10.17 Santiago de Compostela, ES @ WOS Festival