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Ten tunes. One link. Zero dollars. Here’s the 82nd volume of our ongoing weekly free download series, nest10.

If you’re a producer or remixer and would like to have your track considered for the next nest10, send your private SoundCloud streams to submissions @ with the subject “nest10” and we’ll check it out! If you’d like to download past weeks’ volumes, you can find them here.

Find our selections for this week below, and check in with us next Thursday for VOL 83 .

nest10 // VOL 82 Tracklist

Egzod – Talisman [Uprise Music]
Take one part Game of Thrones, one part Indiana Jones adventure, and one part bass rave, and you’ve got yourself the wild cocktail that is Egzod’s cinematic new single “Talisman” on Uprise Music. – JB

Mo Vibez – One for Love [self-released]
Some more nice, floaty beats from Austrian producer Mo Vibez. – JB

Ujico*/Snail’s House – あめあがりのうた (Bouquet) [Ordinary Songs 3] [self-released]
Playful, joyous, and bubbly like cracking open a can of blood orange San Pellegrino. This one is phenomenal. – NB

Pluto – Fight For You (feat. MAX) [self-released]
This emotional electronic-driven pop from Pluto featuring MAX brings out all the determination in you when you’re feeling down. It’s the adrenaline shot you need to wake yourself up out of a shit mood. – NB

Drake – Glow (Bixel Edition) [self-released]
A bit out of Bixel Boys’ standard sound, but I’m not mad about it. This is an instant add to my summer pool party playlist. – D

Suplington – Loss Of Free Will [XLR8R]
“Loss Of Free Will” is an incredibley textured, ambient piece of music that feels like a hazy memory. – D

Princess Nokia – Tomboy (Cray Remix) [self-released]
Cray went in heavy on this glitch-tastic, synth-trap remix of “Tomboy” that’s infectious and may inspire 2013-levels of twerking. – MH

DECAP – Vertical Love [self-released]
Classified as “future knock,” this aggressively chill, CRAZE-approved track sounds like analog and digital synths trying to make a baby and ending up with quintuplets they had to write a lullaby for – enjoy! – MH

Cray – Lotus [self-released]
Cray’s self-assured stylings gets two features this week, and we’re stoked to see her climb beyond HARD into the role of scene juggernaut. “Lotus” shows the warbling contours of her sound and voice to great effect. – NR

Dodge & Fuski – Comeback (Apashe Remix) [Disciple]
You can deny it all you want, but dubstep’s almost dead, so here’s to Apashe, Disciple, and all the friends who are fighting to keep it alive. – NR