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Ten tunes. One link. Zero dollars. Here’s the 36th volume of our ongoing weekly free download series, nest10.

If you’re a producer or remixer and would like to have your track considered for the next nest10, send your private SoundCloud streams to submissions @ with the subject “nest10” and we’ll check it out! If you’d like to download past weeks’ volumes, you can find them here.

Find our selections for this week below, and check in with us next Thursday for VOL 37.

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nest10 // VOL 36 Tracklist

The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (Billion Dollars Remix) [Worldwide]
There have been a lot of renditions of this latest single from The Chainsmokers. One of my favorites comes from Mexico’s rising bass music innovator, Billion Dollars. This one includes a lot of what Billion Dollars does best: moombah-infused heavy dance music. –ff

Good Intent – “I Got The Love” (Prod. Reed + Good Intent) [self-released]
It’s not often we get to see an aspiring rapper who makes his own beats. Destiny Bond crewmember Good Intent recently self-released his debut style-defining EP, The Sada Project, and the closer to its five track pack is a solid sleepy love song called “I Got The Love”. –ff

Maxo – Better ft. danika (Drainpuppet Rework) [self-released]
Ontario, Canada’s Drainpuppet is a name you should have on your radar if you dig big, emotional electronic soundscapes. Her latest rework of Maxo’s “Better” turns a jazzy danika-featured lounge setting into a stormy, epic night drive. -ff

Snappy Jit – DROP DAT FIE Feat. RIPPA [self-released]
“We don’t need no water drop some gasoline on it!” shout Snappy Jit in their new original featuring Miami rapper, Rippa. This latest offering from the South Floridian club producers recalls the expected Snappy Jit hype from previous tracks while slowing the vibe down a bit to incorporate Rippa’s verse. Always fun stuff from these guys. –JB

cherishh – Keeping Warm [self-released]
I personally don’t know much about San Diego/Tokyo-based producer, cherishh, but after stumbling across “Keeping Warm” this morning, I’d very much like to. Beautiful textures, organic soundscapes, and fun melodies are at the forefront of cherishh’s latest, which includes photos from Japan as well as a compact narrative accompanying the track’s title. Dig into more from cherishh on SoundCloud. –JB

Regina – Haluan Sinut (Kisses Remix) [self-released]
A recent post about LA-native Kisses’ new upcoming music ended up shooting me into an all out binge of their older content and thought I would throw in my favorite track of theirs into this week’s nest10. It’s soft, it’s sweet, it reminds me of summer, it’s amazing. –D

Human Movement – Subcity [self-released]
These dudes can do no wrong; Their latest EP Subcity is a groover! The title track, “Subcity”, is a beautifully arranged and slow-moving record that builds on Bladerunner-esque soundscapes to create a dark and dystopian musical underworld. –D

Exmag & Russ Liquid – VHS [self-released]
While at Lightning in a Bottle there was a rumor that Bassnectar was playing a secret set at the Pagoda stage, but it ended up being Russ Liquid, and let me tell you, I haven’t seen a set so good in years. The man is TALENTED. “VHS” is a beautiful collab with Exmag, sporting fat guitar solos, a notorious bassline, and some serious vibes. – D

Mars Today – Juicy Fruit (feat. OMAC) [Fête]
Jazzy hip-hop is a go-to style for me. I love what Mars Today and OMAC did with “Juicy Fruit”, a tale of sweet love. –NB

Kill The Noise – FUK UR MGMT (NGHTMRE Remix) [OWSLA]
From devil to satan, NGHTMRE takes the destruction-oriented original to the depths of hell where it’s probably played repeatedly for demonic ceremonies and the like. –NB


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