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Ten mixes. One link. Zero dollars. Here’s the 100th (and last) volume of our weekly free download series.

Over the course of its two-year lifespan, the nest10 series has brought some of our favorite tracks directly to your libraries. It has been an honor and a pleasure to premiere, feature, and offer the best exclusive downloads that the artist community on SoundCloud has had to offer. Whether it was a crazy bass tune or a low-key jazz number, each NEST HQ team member brought their personal favorites to the table.

To honor the tradition and the timeless art of music curation, our 100th volume will feature our favorite mixes that we’ve come across throughout our time in the dance music community. Although this is the last volume we’ll be offering as nest10, the series will evolve and return in the coming months. If you’d like to download past weeks’ volumes, you can find them here.

Find our selections for this week below, and download them now via Mega or BitTorrent.

nest10 // VOL 100 Tracklist

Daft Punk – Essential Mix – March 2, 1997 [BBC Radio 1]
Every song in this mix gets me: it’s unbelievably special to me. Coming out right after their seminal Homework album and preceding their Alive 1997 world tour, this Essential Mix was a thesis statement from one of electronic music’s most influential bands, chronicling their late-millennium ascent. We’ve included a lossless recording of this set captured when it was rebroadcast during Essential Mix’s anniversary celebrations in 2013, featuring an amazing intro by Pete Tong & Annie Mac talking a bit about the Essential Mix and its history. – NR

Mary Anne Hobbs – Breezeblock Dubstep Warz – January 10, 2006 [BBC Radio 1]
This is the mix that changed it all for dubstep back in 2006. Mary Anne Hobbs was a key player in the revolution of the genre and this mix is considered gospel. It has been said that this mix was the “global tipping point for the dubstep sound.” Growing up listening to and playing the sound in college, this mix holds a special place in my heart. I still get chills every time I listen. We’ve included a lossless recording captured from a 2010 rebroadcast of this mix. – NB

Treasure Fingers – 40 Minutes in the Champagne Room – July 21, 2007 [self-released]
Released at the peak of the blog haus period, Treasure Fingers’ saunter into the champagne room captures the zeitgeist of a particularly hot moment in an era that allowed for the late-2000s EDM takeover. This one is rapid-fire – 40 tracks in 40 minutes – most forgotten, some classic. – NR

Soulwax – Essential Selection Hot Mix – April 10, 2009 [BBC Radio 1]
The 25 minute Hot Mix Soulwax did for Pete Tong in 2008 to promote their Part Of The Weekend Never Dies documentary film and soundtrack is by far my favorite. – MH

Four Tet – FabricLive.59 – September 19, 2011 [Fabric]
Four Tet’s FabricLive.59 mix was one of the first mixes I ever bought on CD. My car at the time didn’t have an AUX input or functional tape deck, so I had to rely on CDs to hear the music I wanted. This mix is still a regular go-to for long drives. My favorite part about it is that Four Tet used field recordings from Fabric in the mix. The cover art is gnarly, too. While we can’t offer you a free download of THIS mix, it’s still so important to me. Instead, we’ve zipped up Four Tet’s Boiler Room London mix from February 13, 2016. – NB

​​Nicolas Jaar – Essential Mix – May 19, 2012 [BBC Radio 1 / self-released]
This quintessential Nicolas Jaar mix is a moody odyssey of classical and ultra-modern sound designs that pays homage to the music from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. – MH

Goldroom – Solé Fixtape Vol 7 – January 29, 2013 [self-released]
A frickin’ sonic journey of sunset vibes and virgin appletinis… but for real this mix is so dang pleasant and fun. It’s the perfect first mix to play for any day time event. – DN

Zeds Dead – Essential Mix – March 2, 2013 [BBC Radio 1]
The quintessential Zeds Dead mix, the Coupe De Ville of haunting and beautiful vibes. – DN

Dog Blood – Live at Coachella 2013 – April 12, 2013 [self-released]
The culmination of the first era of the super-group duo between Boys Noize and Skrillex, Dog Blood’s Coachella set hit a new standard, melding the musical curiosities of both tastemakers into a searing concoction of beats. Forever enshrined into the collective consciousness through their song “Chella Ride,” these dogs just won’t stop. – NR

Anna Lunoe – To The XO Gang, With Love! – November 6, 2013 [self-released]
Long before her HYPERHOUSE series, Anna was serving up elegant mixes weaving party tracks into a tapestry of sonic beauty that has an air of distinct femininity.​ – MH

Download VOL 100 now via Mega or BitTorrent, and thank you for being part of our community.