This is our story...

Dutch producer Jos Lok caught my ear during a routine weekly search through SoundCloud. To be honest, the search has been next to useless in that desolate wasteland of copycat producers, but for some reason, I felt hopeful that day. I was deep in a mix by some random producer who will likely never be found again, and had to stop when I heard a bubbly, thriving dance record named “Pollies.” I did a straight nosedive and after some time came across the profile I was looking for.

Jos Lok’s style is fluid like water, but powerful like the ocean. Light and syncopated drum works line the outside of the records, and the meat and bones are driving low-ends that you could listen to for hours on repeat. The A-side, “Pollies,” is incredibly fresh. The tones are uplifting and lively, but still somehow fitting in a warehouse set. The B-side, “Renband,” is a full-on Dutch techno slapper, and man, will I be rinsing this one out over the summer.

I’m super happy to be able to release these records today. Listen, enjoy, and add these to your summer set lists.