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Detroit is a special place.

From the very first moments walking around Michigan’s most populous city, you can see and feel its palpable character, uniquely built over the years from all of Detroit’s triumphs and troubles. There’s a deeply engrained history that’s impossible to ignore. Historically, it’s a manufacturing town at heart with immense pride for the blue collar worker. Musically, it’s the home of Berry Gordy Jr.’s eminent Motown Records and, in the late 80s and 90s, where Detroit natives like Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, and Mike Banks pioneered and progressed the now-global genre known as techno. And while Detroit has seen its fair share of ups and downs, its people are proud, industrious, and — as we experienced firsthand last year — graciously welcoming when it comes to sharing their city with outsiders.

Exactly a year ago, a small crew of us headed out to Detroit as OWSLA had been given its own stage for one day of Movement Electronic Music Festival’s 10th anniversary. We got out there days before the festival started with no real plans other than to explore, and in the midst of doing so, we met numerous people willing to show us around, talk to us about the history of the city, and even welcome us into their homes and places of business. The video above, filmed by Glenjamn and edited by Will Lee, is aimed to be a window into that unforgettable week in the Motor City.

We’d like to give a very special thanks to “Mad” Mike Banks, Cornelius Harris, and all of UR for showing us around Submerge and Exhibit: 3000. If you’re ever in Detroit, go to 3000 East Grand Blvd for a real history lesson in underground electronic music and how it’s affected much of what you hear today.

Additional appreciation for Movement, Paxahau, and the fine folks at Assemble Sound.

Watch the video above, and find a gallery of photos from the week taken by Marilyn Hue here.

Moody Good – Witness The Fuxness (0:00)
REZZ – Lucifer (0:13)
Dirty Chocolate – Infinity (0:22)
josh pan + X&G – Nowhere (0:37)
Moody Good – The Green Mill (3:01)
AC Slater – Bass Inside (3:26)
Wheez-ie – Questionable Taste (4:31)
Wheez-ie – Afterburner (5:25)