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It’s that glorious time of year again, folks, and if you’re headed out to Indio either this weekend or next, you’ve probably already overwhelmed yourself looking at this year’s set times. Of course, some sacrifices will inevitably have to be made, but we’ve put this trusty guide together with our must-see picks to help you make the best game-time set choice decisions you possibly can to maximize your Coachellin‘ enjoyment. For the full Coachella schedule, click here.

Friday 4/12 & 4/19

Ross From Friends, Yuma, 1:45 p.m. – Start your weekend off right with a proper party from the Brainfeeder-approved, lo-fi-loving producer.

Walker & Royce, Yuma, 3:00 p.m. – The party in the Yuma tent is only going to get more fun when Walker & Royce take the stage to dispense their own proprietary blend of wild party music.

King Princess, Mojave, 4:15 – We’ll be front and center for the Mark Ronson-produced, alt-pop magnificence of King Princess before bolting to the next set.

RAT BOY, Sonora, 4:35 – We want a proper dose of sun-soaked, hybrid pop-punk to really get the weekend started, and RAT BOY’s untamed energy makes for one of those sets worth sprinting to at full speed.

JPEGMAFIA, Outdoor Theater, 5:00 – Prepare yourself for this one, because a JPEGMAFIA set gets pretty fucking rowdy. We expect him to start a (metaphorical) fire on the desert grounds with his set, following a massive year of releases and general hype surrounding the no-fucks-given rapper.

Kero Kero Bonito, Sonora, 5:35 – Who can resist the ultra-sweet vibes of Kero Kero Bonito at a festival like Coachella? The band released an equal parts wonderful and dark album last year, and we anticipate their festival set will be memorable for not only their set list, but for whatever antics they may pull out from under their sleeves.

Gorgon City, Outdoor Theater, 6:10 – This is exactly the sort of hyper-cinematic, adventure-inspiring dance party we want to be at as the sun starts to set over the first night of the festival.

Tierra Whack, Mojave, 6:35 – Named as one of the most important artists to watch in 2019, Tierra Whack has certainly caught the attention of the music industry with her off-kilter music videos and undeniably addictive flow. We’re not sure what she’s got in store for us at Coachella, but we’re confident it’s not going to be like anything else we’ll see this weekend.

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals, Coachella Stage, 7:05 – Anderson’s last album Oxnard was one of our favorite hybrid soul and jazz offerings to come out of hip-hop last year, and we can’t wait to hear those songs live along with cuts off his forthcoming album. He’s also a beast of a performer and multi-instrumentalist, not to be missed.

Rosalía, Mojave, 7:50 – If we had to pick a single adjective to describe everything Rosalía touches, it would be epic. From her music and videos to her outfit and performance prop choices, every little detail is rich with both style and meaning and we know she’ll be bringing out all the stops for Coachella.

SOPHIE, Mojave, 9:10 – Stick around after Rosalía, ’cause SOPHIE is up next, and it’s not an experience to miss. Audiophiles and pop music fans alike should experience the entirety of a SOPHIE set, which ranges from bubbly pop anthems to destructive ambient madness at the drop of a hat.

Janelle Monae, Coachella Stage, 9:50 – Her Dirty Computer album, short film, and overarching mythology are bound to translate to an unbelievable live show we’re not going to miss.

Nora En Pure, Sahara, 10:55 – Nora will be living up to her name Friday night serving up some extremely deep, extremely pure party vibes. We were lucky enough to get a preview of coming attractions with the MiniMix she did for us this week, which you can enjoy immediately.

Childish Gambino, Coachella Stage, 11:25 – This is likely to be Childish Gambino’s last tour, at least for the foreseeable future, and the momentum behind him is so insanely powerful, we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

Yves Tumor, Gobi, 12:00 – A midnight set from Yves Tumor to kick off Coachella is going to be so wild, it’s apt to open portals to other dimensions, so plan accordingly. If you think getting an Uber out of Coachella is tough, just imagine trying to get back from an alternate reality, and you need to be in fighting shape for Saturday, ’cause that was just Day 1!

Saturday 4/13 & 4/20

serpentwithfeet, Mojave, 2:40 – Known for his wildly innovative performance chops, serpentwithfeet is apt to set a strong tone to kick off Saturday with a ferociously strange bang.

Agoria, Yuma, 12:45 – We basically fell in love with Agoria after viewing his artsy, passionate music videos for singles like “Embrace” and “You’re Not Alone.” His music is fueled by fine art tropes and we imagine his performance will emulate just that. Additionally, he’s got a new record on the way and we’re stoked to hear some new material.

Sheck Wes, Sahara, 4:45 – We’re all tired of “Mo Bamba,” but Sheck Wes actually delivered a dope album following the single’s explosion. It’s going to be pretty hilarious watching the kids wait for the inevitable track to drop, but it seems Sheck Wes has earned his spot on this lineup after taking another listen to Mudboy.

CloZee, Sahara, 5:50 – As the air starts to cool down, we’ll be starting off the golden sunset hour with a world music tour packed full of celestial bass from CloZee, who also did an outstanding MiniMix for us last year — enjoy below.

Deep Dish, Yuma, 6:00 – Only old-school ravers know how precious this reunion is. Dubfire and Sharam broke up the Deep Dish duo in 2006 then reunited last summer in Ibiza; now, they’re bringing this iconic party to Coachella and we seriously cannot wait.

The Garden, Sonora, 6:45 – It’s going to be a major switch in vibe running from the deepest of club sets to a proper punk show, but we haven’t been able to stop listening to The Garden’s last album Mirror Might Steal Your Charm and have to hear it live.

Maggie Rogers, Gobi, 7:20 – We anticipate we’ll need a gently beautiful break in our music selection by the time the sun starts going down, and letting Maggie Rogers gently usher in the evening with songs off Heard It In A Past Life will be most welcome.

Four Tet, Mojave, 7:35 – It’s going to be tough to sacrifice an opportunity to see Christine and the Queens at the same time, who we hear put on a phenomenal show, but we’ve got to prepare ourselves with the earthy, expansive vibes of Four Tet to prepare ourselves for what’s next.

Aphex Twin, Mojave, 9:05 – This will be our first time seeing Aphex Twin live and we have no idea what to expect except pure madness.

Billie Eilish, Outdoor Theater, 9:35 – Even though we can’t stop rinsing Billie’s debut album and are chomping at the bit to hear those songs life, we’re going to have to be late for this because an Aphex Twin Coachella set simply can’t be missed.

Tame Impala, Coachella Stage, 10:35 – After the madness of Aphex and Billie, the warm, welcoming sounds of Tame Impala are likely to be just what we need.

Stephan Bodzin, Yuma, 11:00 – After being fortunate enough to stumble across his CRSSD set, I promised myself I’d see Stephan Bodzin on purpose as soon as possible, which is Saturday night.

Kid Cudi, Sahara, 11:55 – Ugh, how could you not end your night with a set from Kid Cudi? For those of us who have a deep personal connection to records like Man on the Moon (both parts), this is going to be a very special set.

Sunday 4/14 & 4/21

Kanye West’s Sunday Service, Coachella Stage, 9:00 am (4/21 only) – Easter Sunday with Kanye n’ family, a full band, and a gospel choir? This will be the first time I’ve woken up for church in many years and I suspect it’ll be more than worth the effort.

R3LL, Sahara, 1:50 – If you want to get gently beamed up into party-mode, start your last festival day off right with R3LL at Sahara. We also included the MiniMix R3LL did for us a few years ago if you need some smooth listening for your drive into the festival or just to ease your FOMO.

Rico Nasty, Mojave, 3:30 – She’s been making waves across social media for a reason — Rico Nasty possesses an energy that screams “don’t fuck with me,” and I’ll bet that makes for a wild Coachella set.

Pusha T, Coachella Stage, 4:15 – DAYTONA was possibly the most uniquely compelling rap album that came out last year and Pusha is a fierce performer. Just to make sure we get the 100 percent full Pusha experience, we’re going to catch this set and see him Monday at The Novo in LA between festival weekends.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Outdoor Stage, 4:55 – UMO are some of the most talented musicians on this lineup, and we imagine their set will feel somewhat like a noisy, catastrophic cleansing of the mind amongst the pop and hip-hop acts scattered across Sunday.

Lizzo, Mojave, 5:45 – The undeniably infectious singles Lizzo has been releasing this year and last lead me to believe this might be one of the most fun performances we see all weekend. Playboi Carti is a direct conflict and he’s probably going to bring out some insane special guests, but my gut says Lizzo is the move here.

Blood Orange, Outdoor Theater, 6:10 – Since we had the opportunity to see him at FORM last year, we’ve been itching for another set from the personable Blood Orange. Negro Swan is simply a masterpiece, and we just can’t pass up the opportunity to see him perform these songs on an appropriate stage.

070 Shake, Gobi, 7:15 – If you’ve never heard of her before, we recommend you catch at least a bit of her set this year. 070 Shake is a rising star and a force to be reckoned with — expect plenty of energy here.

Gesaffelstein, Outdoor Theater, 7:45 – We’ve all been waiting for this. Gesaffelstein returns to the stage for a highly-anticipated set, one that we can’t even predict at this point considering how far he leaned into pop on his latest record. Whether it’s a high-octane dose of dark techno or a journey through electronic-fueled pop, we’re here for this.

Jon Hopkins, Gobi, 9:35 – Singularity stole the hearts of electronic fans all over the world, and for good reason. Jon Hopkins is a master of manipulating electronic sounds and transforming them into a work of art made for consumption with your eyes closed. We expect this set to feel intimate and deeply satisfying to the ear.

Ariana Grande, Coachella Stage, 10:30 – As you may have read in our thank u, next op-ed earlier this year, we stan the Queen Ariana. We expect her show to be an arena-level production chock full of all the glamor and unapologetic authenticity she radiates.