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Here at NEST HQ, cooking and food preparation is a part of our daily office life. Whether it’s the snacks we keep on-deck or the creative breakfasts and lunches many of us prepare from scratch, meal time is highly revered. Our love of food also coincides with the artists we love and share, as most of them are small-time chefs themselves. NHQ’s latest effort to showcase artistry in its many forms is by way of an artist-driven virtual cookbook. With this project, we aim to shed light on some of our favorite musicians and what they love to cook when hitting the kitchen. We’ve also asked them to include musical pairings — what they like to listen to while cooking and eating, and with what songs their selected recipes are best complemented.

We’re changing things up today with a vegan-friendly recipe from Melbourne-based experimental bass and trap producer, Herzeloyde. I first heard his music about three years with the release of “myhussle” (formerly named “lyfe”). It offered a refreshing take on the trap sounds that littered 2014/15. Wavy, swing-heavy and wholly-original stuff that hit around the time Mr. Carmack was blowing up. Since then, he’s traveled even deeper into the ‘what IS this’ spiral with releases like “theme” and the 8-bit heavy tune “clurb.”

Even smoother than his experimental flow is the dish he’s offered us today. “This is one of my favourite things to cook at home and is a combination of a few different vegan recipes I’ve learnt over the years,” Herzeloyde tells NEST HQ. “It’s really quick and easy to make, and healthy, too.” From the aromatic, home-made curry paste to the tender softness of the sweet potato and creamy coconut milk, this one is a vegetarian’s dream meal. If you make enough of the components, like the curry stock, you can make a few different variations of the meal each time. “You can even store the curry paste in the fridge for later and it just gets better with age!” The sweet potato, spiced coconut milk, and red chilis all add to the comforting orange palette of the whole dish.

Start cutting up those ingredients and get that prep playlist started. Bon appétit!


Prep Playlist:

“Here’s a collection of vibes from a bunch of the homies. No matter what I’m making, I always enjoy listening to some chill beats when getting down in the kitchen.”

Herzeloyde’s Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Coconut Curry (45 minutes, serves 4)


1 Sweet potato
16oz Chickpeas
1 cup Green beans
5 tbsp cooking oil
3 Cardamom pods
3 Cloves
1 Lemongrass stick (cut into 4-inch length and pounded)
2 tsp tamarind pulp
1 cup Thick coconut milk
3 Kaffir lime leaves
½ cup Toasted Coconut flakes
Fresh Coriander (to serve)

Spice Paste:

5 Shallots
5 Dried red chilies (soaked in warm water and seeded)
1 inch Galangal (or 2 TSP of pulp)
1 Lemongrass stick
5 Cloves garlic
1 inch Ginger

Prep Directions (see photo gallery below)

1. Chop the spice paste ingredients and then blend it in a food processor until fine.
2. Heat the oil in a pot, add the spice paste, and fry it until aromatic.
3. Add the chickpeas and stir for 1 minute.
4. Cook the sweet potato in some boiling water until it has started to soften.
5. Add the coconut milk, tamarind pulp, and simmer on a low heat, stirring frequently for about 2-3 minutes.
6. Add the kaffir lime leaves, cardamon, cloves, sweet potato, and green beans.
7. Mix in the toasted coconut flakes
8. Lower the heat to low, cover with a lid and let simmer 15-20 minutes
9. Bring some water to the boil and cook some rice.
10. Serve immediately with the steamed rice and/or some flat breads.


Meal Playlist

“This playlist is a relaxing assortment of some of my favourite jazz artists and is perfect for sitting down and having a nice meal.”

Photos: Nathan Beer
Chef: Dani Noguera