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If there existed a short list of artists to avoid remixing, Nero would sit very, very close to the top. Their years of experience and innovation makes their music incredibly hard to re-imagine. Luckily, drum & bass artist Dawn Wall‘s remix of “Into The Night” is emotional, driven, and does not fall short of the original record.

For the MTA Records release, Dawn Wall blends traditional dnb breaks, neuro bass cuts, bubbling arpeggiated melodies, and beautifully orchestrated vocal chops, generously charging the song with emotion and creating a remix that is both contemporary and tasteful.

With features on Friction‘s BBC Radio 1 show, an official Nero remix, and a release on MTA, I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more of Dawn Wall again soon. Listen to the record below and make sure to find Dawn Wall on SoundCloud and Twitter. Watch Nero’s Into The Night film here.

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