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Mystery Skulls is one of those names I’ve been hearing around the last few years who’s been consistently putting out dope music and playing shows but hasn’t had a breakout hit that got me completely hooked on his brand. He first hit our radar from an outstanding release in 2014 with Nile Rodgers called “Magic” which also featured Brandy, who we learned in a recent Flashback was actually a dabbing pioneer.

On the latest Mystery Skulls LP release entitled One Of Us, he’s got several bright and shiny indietronic feel-good jams, but it’s on the third track “Follow Your” I believe he has his first breakout hit. This song feels so warm and wonderful and has enough pop sensibility to draw me into the hook but enough of a throbbing dancefloor-worthy pulse to go off in the club. I can’t wait to hear this in my neighborhood bar and then again going off at a major festival’s mainstage, listen above and see if you agree with me on the level of awesomeness and check out the full album below.