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We’re excited to introduce the MySpace Chronicles, an all-new photo series. We’ve invited artists to take us on a walk down their long since-deleted MySpace memory lane, a place known to contain some potentially embarrassing, rare-gem photos that could easily be lost in the sands of time. In the website’s heyday from 2005 to 2009, it was a platform that ultimately gave birth to the rise of online influencers. For those of us who are old enough to have spent some of our youth on MySpace, this series will be especially dear and we’re kicking it off with a MySpace-era legend that’s still a legend today, Pendulum’s Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding.

Pendulum announced their reunion as a live band at Ultra 2016 after a nearly five-year hiatus, and since released their remix album The Reworks and have been playing festivals again (see those dates here). Without further ado, we present you with some very deep photo cuts from El Hornet’s MySpace; enjoy!

1. Milan, Italy – 2007/2008


“There was a cover band on before us who hated DJs and wouldn’t talk to us. The venue was a theatre with a stage that sloped forwards drastically so I kept falling into the decks. Can you tell how stoked I am?”

2. Perth, Australia – 2002


“This was taken at a night I ran called ‘Out Of The Blue,’ which focused on the deeper sounds of neurofunk drum and bass. I love this picture. No CDJs because there generally wasn’t any in those days, Mooks special edition Technics headphones, baggy everything and a box of fresh white labels. Such an amazing time!”

3. Ibiza, Spain – 2008


“Carl Cox riding shotgun, James LaVelle from UNKLE with a bottle of Moet next to me. 7 a.m., absolutely wankered after a long long session in Space.”

4. Atlanta, USA – 2004


“Treasure Fingers, El Hornet, Bro Safari. They were just Evol Intent back then. Totally loose at a weird all ages rave. I think Icey and Baby Anne were in the other room.”

5. London, UK – 2004


“Andy C, Rob Swire, Jho Oakley – Pendulum’s manager. This was when we were working on a remix of a tune called “Pack Of Wolves” by a group called Nightbreed.”

6. Reading, UK – 2008


“Paul, Gareth, Perry. Two minutes before walking onstage at Reading Festival.”(If you’re a Pendulum fan, be sure to check out this super deep cut interview and live footage from that Reading Festival 2008 performance.)