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“Iiiiiiiiiiiii’m addicted to dr-”

The dude Danny Daze is on a serious killing spree with these psychedelic techno vibes. His recent remix of Murk and Oba Frank Lords’ “Dark Beat” feels a bit like Oliver $’s “Doin’ Ya Thang“, in the way that you just wanna chill in its time and space-bending grooves for days.

But where “Doin’ Ya Thang” is laid-back and sunny, Daze’s track is dark and pulsing — a slow-to-release capsule of dusty kicks, boxy bass patterns and grimy, home-grown synth-lines.

There’s a lot of retroactive dance music being made right now, but this one feels especially human in its execution. Like there’s blood flowing behind these grooves.

Good stuff. Don’t do drums, kids.

This one’s out now on Beatport through Murk Records. If you dig, also check his equally solid new remix for Gui Boratto.

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