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As we’re gearing up for our trip to Paradiso at the iconic Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington this weekend, we took another look at the stacked lineup ahead of us to make plans for which sets to catch. One of the names that caught my eye is none other than Morgan Page, an artist who’s been near and dear to my heart since I started attending electronic events on a regular basis in 2013. The first time I saw him perform was actually a surprise: he took the stage at San Diego Pride in 2013 as the festival’s special guest and delivered a high-energy performance to close the weekend.

Morgan Page is a renowned producer with a specialty in electronic-leaning pop music, always recruiting incredible vocalists for his tunes. Despite the fact that his tracks aren’t always quite suitable for the rave, Morgan Page does something special for his DJ sets: he’ll take the vocals from his productions and combine them with rave-friendly tracks in the realm of progressive house and big room, and it makes for a special live experience. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen him perform, and I’m genuinely excited to see what he has in store for us this weekend at Paradiso. Now’s the perfect time to guide you through Morgan Page’s iconic discography, which includes a GRAMMY-nominated remix, several full-length records, and some of his latest work.

Morgan Page launched his first releases in 2000, a slew of EPs that introduced his club-leaning flair to the electronic scene. His 2002 debut record, Drifting Into View, reflects the era so well through simple, funky production and some ’90s electronic influence. His output from that point on is pretty incredible, and the quality of his music only improved with each release. I think it’s safe to say his first big hit is 2008’s “The Longest Road,” featuring Lissie. I genuinely forgot this track came out over 10 years ago because it remains relevant to this day; in fact, Morgan released a remix EP for the single last year to commemorate the track’s 10-year anniversary. He really honed in his pop-friendly signature sound at this point, combining the energetic nature of club music with the addictive properties of pop music.

The next record in his arsenal, Believe, continued Morgan’s trend of linking up with vocalists to create passionate anthems. One of my personal favorite tunes off that record is “Fight For You,” which features Lissie once again — the two have gone on to collaborate on a handful of tracks, including one of Morgan’s biggest tunes, 2015’s “Open Heart.” They make quite the perfect pair each and every time; there’s something special about experiencing synergy like this in music. In 2011, one year after the release of Believe, Morgan Page was nominated for his first GRAMMY award in the category of Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. His remix of Nadia Ali’s “Fantasy” snagged this nomination for its pristine production quality and foolproof groove, elevating Nadia Ali’s vocals to an unprecedented level. I loved reading this quote from Morgan about the nomination: “I told my parents 10 years ago, ‘GRAMMY before 30,’ and right now I’m 29.” Although he didn’t take home the award (David Guetta took home the GRAMMY for his remix of Madonna’s “Revolver” featuring Lil Wayne), it’s an impressive achievement nonetheless — I still love jamming to this song, too.

With a fire underneath him, Morgan Page took 2012 by storm with the release of his full-length record, In The Air. It’s marked by its self-titled lead single in collaboration with Sultan + Shepard, BT, and vocalist Angela McCluskey. It’s difficult for me to adequately describe “In The Air” — each element of this song is completely in sync with one another, from the vocals to the percussion to the melodies. The way it progresses from start to finish makes for an exhilarating listening experience, and it urges me to listen on repeat (at least once more) each time I listen. Beyond “In The Air,” Morgan collaborated with a handful of notable vocalists on this record, including Tegan & Sara, Nadia Ali, and more. Personal favorites off this album include “Body Work” featuring Tegan & Sara and “Addicted” featuring Greg Laswell.

Following the release of In The Air, Morgan Page launched his own podcast named after the record. He’s still making episodes to this day; in fact, the series is currently on its 469th episode. This part of Morgan’s story leads us to the release of my favorite record of his: DC To Light. This album came out in 2015, well into the EDM craze that popped off around the same time his previous record dropped, and Morgan successfully updated his sound to reflect the shift in electronic music. This album includes emotional pop cuts, dancefloor bangers, and everything listeners love about him in between. Maybe my picks don’t reflect what his general fanbase thinks, but I can never get enough of “Strike” featuring Whitney Phillips and “Safe Till Tomorrow” featuring Angelika Vee — additionally, this album includes a special acoustic mix of “Safe Till Tomorrow” that’s capable of bringing tears to your eyes.

That was the last full-length record put out by Morgan Page, but he’s still been busy in the studio. He’s delivered several remix EPs for his original tunes, a slew of singles, 2018’s Born To Fly EP, and his own remixes for other artists. If you’re wondering about his latest releases, Morgan has dropped one original track and two remixes in 2019 alone. His single “Gone My Way” featuring Pex L takes me back to the complextro craze of 2010 with a modern edge, delivering a tune suitable for the dancefloor.

Alright, so it’s quite the long history we’ve just reviewed — in a nutshell, Morgan Page has done some solid work for the electronic scene as a whole, spanning nearly 20 years of nonstop output. He’s successfully maintained relevancy in this space due to his timeless approach to production, looking at the whole picture instead of focusing too hard on current trends and practices within dance music. When music comes from a genuine place and an artist puts in the work to craft a top-notch, professional production, you seriously can’t go wrong. I’m so excited to see Morgan Page at Paradiso this weekend — find us there, and listen to our favorite Morgan Page tunes below.