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You gotta love it when artists pair their releases with more than just a cool song and cool artwork. Whether it’s a full fantasy storyline, a box of art, lyrics, and stickers, or an entire website dedicated to a single song, creativity taken beyond what’s conventionally expected is always an impressive tell on the grasp an artist has on their creative direction. The latest in this same vein comes from Corey Regensburg, known professionally as Moon Bounce.

You may recognize Moon Bounce from his incredible video work, between the ingenious creativity of “Drugs,” the dark eccentricity of “Fool,” and the mellifluous malice of “Shake.” His voice rings throughout almost all of his work, taking the spotlight for each release. His latest work, “Safe Word,” switches things up.

“Safe Word” is the latest release from Moon Bounce’s forthcoming album with Grind Select, Clean House. The tune is a bit more structured towards house and dance than his more cinematic and artsy work, but like the rest of his discography, this one is hard to categorize. It’s a bit melancholy with a twist of bouncy glee. Whatever you want to call it, you can sing along with “Safe Word” with your very own karaoke version of the song thanks to web designer Kyle Stetz. On the site’s design and working with Corey, Kyle said:

Corey’s skill as a songwriter is that he can pair humor with deep—at times even awkward—honesty. The karaoke format somehow accentuates these qualities, as if everyone should be singing aloud “I don’t need a safe word.” Once we decided on the concept, we couldn’t resist making the cheap, watered-down karaoke version of the track as a bonus.

Peep the website now and phone your local bar to make sure “Safe Word” is available at your next karaoke night.