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Eddie Jefferys paints a vivid picture with his music. Formerly one half of UK bass duo, 16bit, Jefferys now assumes the moniker, Moody Good, as his solo project, engineering sounds that teeter ever so gracefully between gentle, soothing notes and brute, forceful synth quakes. Such is the case with the first single, “Musicbx,” from Moody Good’s self-titled debut album — imposing subtle, feathery piano work alongside Eryn Allen Kane’s yearning vocals while implanting unsuspected synth blasts that can’t help but catch you a little off-guard.

Comprised of 15 diverse tracks, Moody Good’s new record aims to bend genre boundaries in non-traditional fashion, leaving us with heightened anticipation for the June 3rd joint release on OWSLA/MTA Records. Pick up “Musicbx” and pre-order the LP on iTunes, and in the mean time, catch up on this fantastic video for the single above.