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Welp, we’re now on the third and potentially final installment of MOODY GOOD‘s MTGFYT (music to go fuck yourself to) series, and, once again, the sound design deity has reasserted his zero fucks given mentality with an absolute onslaught of hi-fi bass madness. Reverting to the attitude of his early ’10s project, 16-bit, MOODY GOOD took to Twitter to describe Vol 3 as “the most lols [he] made in a while”, preparing listeners for the truly deranged 18 minutes of music he’s put forth today.┬áHe also announced along with the project this morning that he’s going to be stepping back publicly from MOODY GOOD for a while — possibly the VR project he hinted at earlier this fall — so in typical MG form, he left us with some lovely words of encouragement, “Hopefully you enjoy getting fukd up to this real loud, RT for independent music.”

Check it out below.