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As the EDM influence continues to expand worldwide, genres which used to be alienated from dance music are now using elements of digital production to create a never-before-heard sound. Electronic music now has a rhythm of its own, utilized, and even mimicked by bands who use classic instruments. With a firm understanding of both live music and electronic production, Germany-based Moglebaum is a testament to the beauty that transpires when various genres are not only meshed, but fabulously executed.

The five-man outfit just released their single, “Phone,” an ethereal piece with hints of jazz on the nose. Each note takes its listener to space, while maintaining a grounding, meditative-esque mantra. Sought to be their most electrifying track to date, “Phone” takes itself into unsuspecting corners where audible bliss resonates back to the center of the single. Mogblebuam is spearheaded by Majestic Casual’s self-proclaimed synth-slayer Moglii, who has seen a boom of success in the underground electronic scene in recent years.

“Phone” is Moglebaum’s third single release from their upcoming EP, a catalog of work that is especially exciting. Listen below.