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Moglebaum is a five-piece, live electronic band from Düsseldorf, Germany who’s proving that dance music is manifested by both digital production and live instrumentation. Led by Majestic Casual Records’ Moglii, Moglebaum just unveiled their lounge-dance Grown Heart EP. While each track is distinctly different from the others, the sum of its parts build a framework which ultimately defines it as palpable dance music. Inherently cinematic, Grown Heart seamlessly parallels their lush aesthetic as seen in their consistently rustic, technicolor artwork.

Characterized by indie-wave aromas and electronic cadences, Grown Heart is approachable and designed for tastemakers of many facets. Anchored by refreshing rhythms and fluid transitions, this EP is concise in its diversity, feeding the fire for a new age of dance music.

Grab a libation, kick off your sneaks, and explore this catalogue of easy, sinuous measures.

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