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It’s Halloween, and we’ve got an especially violent MiniMix coming at you courtesy of Modestep. Having spent their formative years unleashing tunes like “Feel Good” in 2011 and their debut album Evolution Theory in 2013, Modestep have been an active voice in the dubstep community and seen its trends come and go. They’ve remained a staple in the scene and have recently graced the stages of festivals like Lost Lands and Rampage, constantly pushing their sound to new boundaries as time goes on.

For this special edition of the Interview + MiniMix series, we got a scorching hot 30-minute mix from Modestep and had the chance to ask them about what’s going on in their lives at the moment, picked their brains about the scene, and some fun tidbits from their extensive career. Without further adieu, enjoy this bass-heavy mix and their fun interview below. Oh, and be sure to cruise the tracklist — it’s insane.

In honor of this Halloween MiniMix, what are your plans for Halloween?

Pat: We’re playing in Bootshaus in Cologne, Germany. We love that place so much and there’s an entire movie set’s worth of bizarre costumes backstage. Hopefully I’ll fish out some spooky numbers.

Earlier in the year, you guys signed to Disciple. Congratulations! The label seems like such a right fit for your sound. How has your guys’ creative process been different from the past now that you’re a part of the roster? What’s the vibe like?

Josh: It’s a legit family. We’ve been around lots of different teams over the years and this just feels like home. It’s all collaborative and everyone is always hanging out, it makes the creative process even more enjoyable. The talent on the roster is insane too, we’re learning all the time.

I understand you guys have made the decision to move to Los Angeles – we’re stoked to have you out here. Why’d you decide to move and what are you looking forward to living in the city?

Pat: We’re stoked to be here. Bass music has a great scene in Los Angeles and we’ve been coming back and forth and working in the studio a lot this year; deciding to move was a gradual thing but the more friends we seemed to make, the more it just made sense.

Since Modestep formed in 2010, SO much has changed for dubstep and bass music as a whole. Trends come and go, but what are some aspects of bass music that you think will never die?

Josh: The main thing that made bass music take off, to begin with, was its sonic quality, which wasn’t so achievable before the technology became cheap enough for everyone to have it in their homes. Nobody had ever heard sounds like that before, it’s one of the first genres that really came from technology. The last few years have seen such a rise in a real core fanbase for bass music and I think it’s safe to stay it’s now here to stay for good.

Can you tell me a funny or memorable story from a time you guys were playing a show or on tour?

Pat: I was so nervous at a show I drank straight gin until I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle. The friendly security in Russia helped me into my hotel but I didn’t think I was THAT bad until Josh showed me the video footage; not proud of any of that, by the way.

I can’t stop watching this video. What was it like getting pies thrown to your faces in the name of dubstep?

Josh: You never know what to expect when turning up to one of Rob’s promo video shoots. Everything from comedy sketches to pies being thrown in your face. I think the worst part was how deep some of that pie made it into my ears, I could smell pie for a week after.

Do you guys feel like you have more fun DJing than you did performing as a live band?

Pat: When your life virtually revolves around music and playing gigs, you’ll just enjoy performing and seeing your fans happy (live or DJ). However I’ve always thought there’s an energy about our live show that is pretty unique, so it would have to be that ✌🏼

Finally, what are you guys loving right now in music, fashion, culture, etc. these days?

Josh: Of course we’re loving all of the releases coming from our Disciple camp right now. Virtual Riot has just dropped some wizardry, and the new signing Oliverse is bringing back that 2011 vibe that we all love so much. We’re loving lots of bassline coming out of the UK, our friends at Lengoland are really bringing that sound through. Jump-up homies Hedex and Macky Gee are also making some dance floor killers.


Pray for Riddim – Virtual Riot [Modestep Edit]
By My Side – Virtual Riot, Barely Alive & Modestep
Get Lemon – Disciple Allstars
ID – Hedex
ID – Modestep
Laid Blak – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
Preset Junkies VIP – Virtual Riot
Spy Kids – Bandlez
JVST SAY YES & Torro Torro – Give It Time (Oliverse Remix)
Purple Lamborghini – Skrillex & Rick Ross
Dog Fight – Virtual Riot
Going Nowhere – Dion Timmer & Modestep
Wompum – Barely Alive
Rainbow (xKore Remix) – Modestep
ID – Oddprophet
ID – Modestep
Woo Boost – Rusko
Woo Boost (Dirty Monkey Remix)
Living For The Weekend (Badklaat Remix) – Modestep
Throwing Elbows – Excision & Space Laces
Override – Kompany
Bang Your Head – Barely Alive & Virus Syndicate
UK Cheese – Badklaat
Jefe – Boombox Cartel
The Fight – Ivory
Crush On You – Nero
Torque – Space Laces
Snake – Dead Exit (Funtcase Remix Modestep Special)
ID – Oddprophet
Rocket Fuel – Trampa
Welcome To Mayhem – PhaseOne
Spag Heddy & EH!DE – Selecta (oddprophet Remix)