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German duo Modeselektor just casually blew our minds with the release of an infectious new single off their forthcoming LP, their first since 2011’s Monkeytown. Back in December, the duo took to Twitter to clarify the state of affairs regarding their musical output: “After 2 years of endless nonsense talk and procrastination, followed by 6 months of panicking, we finally recorded our 4th album within only 4 weeks.” Their all-new single “Who” is the fruit of that grueling four-week process and features one of our favorite Estonian rappers, Tommy Cash.

“Who” is a monster with two very different faces; the single version finds Tommy bringing down the house over a raucous, rollicking groove and the alternate version, “Who Else,” is a stripped-back instrumental that sounds more like an orchestral suite than an electronic production. Modeselektor have been making music under this moniker since 1996, if you can believe that, and more than two decades later, they’re still pushing the envelope of their sound, this time right into the alternative pop-lane which is the last place we saw them going. Listen below.